Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Everything is numbers.
- Charles Eppes, Numb3rs

One thing about numbers as compared to words is that they lack profundity. Put a combination of words and you might just be able to produce one of the most profound thoughts and ideas, just as Socrates and Nietzsche did. Put a combination of words, place it at the back of a postcard (ala Jack Johnson in his song Better Together), give it to someone you like and she or he might just like you too.

However, put a combination of numbers, and you'll be thinking of someone else's cellphone number or birthday. You may also be reminded perhaps of your ATM pin, which I'm sure is not something profound at all. Everything about numbers is obvious, transparent (though I wonder why I had been a regular fiasco with my math subjects). That is why there is one good thing also about them. They exhibit patterns.

Numbers may not have any meaning on themselves, nevertheless, they exude patterns especially when combined. They build a certain paradigm where you can look at things in a very unconventional way. It's one way of looking at the world, which can be pretty much literal at times like the Matrix.

Let's take for instance the following observations.

I had an officemate of mine who turned 27, on February 27, 2005, at the 27th floor.
I resigned from my second job last 2006, January 31st then I started working February 21st on my third job. The year after, I resigned on the same date then I started working February 12th on my fourth job.
I ate last February 1 at Lutong Macau then came back February 28.

So what?

My point here basically is that because of numbers, one is able to build a certain perspective or an algorithm on looking at things. In a sea of experiences, one is able to confine pieces of them to make an acceptable observation. It's like making meaning out of something unimportant.

Althought the observations above may really be regarded as something absurd, who knows, I might just have the technique on formulating the winning numbers in the lottery.


ANiTOKiD said...

got my first job celebrating my birthday, july 24; i was 22 years old then...and why do i remember? i have twins (doble dos). my identification number there? W42 - W = "double u ("kambal" or twins and 42 is 24 reversed. got accepted at infinit-o on november 13 (11 + 13 = 24). i'm a lola's boy, panganay na apo, anak, pamangkin at pinsan (my lola was born on September 19, 1924 (24 again!). my twins were born on april 4 (4-8...4x2=8; 8/4=2; 4+8=12 (they are 1 but 2 or 2 but one because they are twins). and this one is from my eldest daughter, agi, who was born july 17 on the same chinese year i was! and whatever day her birthday falls on, it will exactly be the same day as my birthday! (kahit leap year ka pa jan o dehins!)

The Broken Bow said...

naks! ikaw rin? hehe we really have a way with numbers. although yung formulation looks meaningless to others, parang may sense talaga sa atin, na parang wala ring sense coz yung formulation natin e hindi naman parang kay albert einstein na makakabuo na ng theory of relativity for instance. hehe nevertheless, may sense naman and fun na parang mind game din.

Anonymous said...

on my birthday last year, i thought to myself, i was born in 1948,graduated from nursing school in 1968 (2 mos.and 2 wks shy of my b-day)38 years ago, and i had just turned 58!