Senior Citizen Lane

Monday, February 19, 2007

One time my younger brother and I did one of our favorite pastimes when waiting for our mom and titas finish their shopping at the mall. We went to buy the groceries that weren't covered yet in our mom's list of things to buy. After an hour, our cart was already filled and we were off to the cashier for scanning. We covered both ends of the cashier line-up, from cashier one to twenty something and the lines were really long.

As we were deciding on what line to go to, my younger brother pointed at a particular line where there were only a few people lining up. The line was really short, I should say and that we were lucky. I was really relieved at last to finally finish the task and have some pizza or batchoy at the foodcourt.

While my brother and I were chatting on what food to order, the old guy ahead of us in the line tapped my shoulder and pointed at the sign on the top of the cashier. I wasn't attentive at his pointing and I was bewildered at first and thought about what could be the problem of the old guy. A few seconds passed and I saw him pointing at something. There was the sign saying, "Senior Citizen Lane."

Everything else was a blur after that but my brother was laughing at me!


Anonymous said...

Nasty brother! hahaha

cha said...

bring out the cosmetics set! haha!:D

KIM said...

bad boy! hey! where's your profile?...=)hehe..

3x+y said...

Ohhh.. that was bad... tsk tsk... i had a number of forgettable experiences too in grocery stores... people jumping in line and other stuff. For me, its good that there now are Senior Citizen lanes, but the store should have labelled the lane with some yellow pedestrian lines on the floor leading to the counter.