Karate Kid

Monday, April 9, 2007

Have you ever wondered how the Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso looks like now? He actually appeared in the Entourage HBO series, episode 11.

And what about Mr. Miyagi with his unbelievable fly-catching chopsticks and cute bonsai trees? And the yellow car, a 1950 Chevrolet Convertible (as this trivia site says), he gave to Daniel? Which of course, was used by the Karate Kid, apart from his legendary Karate Pose, to make pasikat to his girl, Ali Mills. How can anyone forget?

Worth remembering are the bully and the evil Cobra Kai sensei as well. It's interesting to note that the bully, played by William Zabka, is in fact an accomplished musician.

Then there were the Japanese in Part II: Chozen, and Kumiko, who is of Filipino descent in real life. I remember hiding behind the sofa everytime I watched the end fight in this sequel.

As a kid, the Karate Kid was my favorite movie. I especially liked Parts I and II. Believe me when I say that I watched those parts like a hundred times. The motion picture was in a VHS tape format then, sent by my titas abroad. Perhaps I'd get to myself an original DVD copy sometime.


anitokid said...

one of the most hard-to-find pirated dvds! been searching for a long time, asked my "sukis" and all...zit, nada. an original version perhaps? possibly...ang mahal kasi eh! nice post you have here...and why am i not surprised?