Impossible Is Nothing

Friday, July 6, 2007

I noticed that I've been posting about blog addiction lately. And I've been thinking, "How about those who just can't get themselves addicted to blogging like for instance my brother?" I could have linked his blog already with the tag "my brother" but since he hasn't got one, the words just stay black.

Coincidentally, a friend kidded about something on my previous post, All You Need is Blog. He inquired, "How can you 'just blog it' when you simply can't?" Because I was occupied then, I quickly brushed aside the matter by replying, "Impossible is nothing."

On a deeper note however, the question bears a certain degree of significance. I can't help but to be reminded of self-assuring poems such as You can if you think you can. And ironic as it is since I just uttered "I can't", I wonder what makes a blogger say that he or she simply can't blog it.

I reckon that there are basically two causes of it.

The first one is mañana habit or procrastination. A blogger is said to be procrastinating when photos are left unuploaded and uncaptioned, thoughts are unblogged and feeds are unread or unskimmed. Though constantly uttering "so little time, so much to do" is a sign of procrastination as well. Lifehacker points us to the ten reasons people procrastinate.

The second one illustrates an image of a blogger sitting in front of a monitor just staring at a blank page with the blinking cursor, aka Sandman's Richard Madoc. It is the image of the dearth of creative ideas. The blogger needs to capture Calliope so as to draw inspiration from her presence.

Fortunately for this matter, Blogozine has some uncomplicated solutions to the predicament.

Sometimes in life especially when you are a procrastinator, a nagger is all you need. You are lucky if you have a "nagging" partner. But if you haven't gotten one, Hassle me is one way of getting around to things.

And since Calliope isn't usually around nowadays she must have gone fishing at the world's end, you might as well take the hard work and learn the five steps of becoming a genius. Capture the fleeting, tap the full power of your free time, seek challenges and expand your world.

Otherwise, as the Ilocanos would say, stop blogging and plant camote.


fruityoaty said...

Lovely blog you've got here...

Personally, when I'm procastinating on updating my blog ... it usually means I'm living my OFFLINE life... and well, too. For me, that's a good thing.

I'd rather live a good OFFLINE life worth writing about than write a thousand stories about stuff, hehe.

Novice Blogger said...

Hi Fruityoaty! Of course, the offline life should never be forgotten. It's where we derive our creative ideas from. :)

Yan said...

I deem it better to procrastinate than deliver an inane post. Btw i really appreciate the fact that you linked to my post on how to be a genius! :) Thnx mate!

Novice Blogger said...

Indeed Yan. And I love your post about the genius thing. Very insightful.

Dee said...

Hi there..
Firstly, thanks for the link!
I do agree that a nagger is a very effective solution to a lot of procrastination matters. But when it comes to blogging, as yan said, it's better to procrastinate than write a post without feeling like you really want to.

Novice Blogger said...

Of course on one side, never write when you don't feel it, when the idea is a mediocre one. On the other side, we have to remember as well that too much indulgence in procrastination is just as worse as writing when you don't feel it. Time is wasted. So I say a balance between the two is more appropriate.