Symptoms Of A Blog Addict

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sue points us to the 50 signs of blogging too much. The following is a short list of the signs of blog addiction, some parts modified.

1. You have daydreams about links from Boing Boing or Guy Kawasaki.
2. Brushing is not actually the first thing you do in the morning but checking your blog stats and technorati ranking.
3. You think Nike should make a shirt that says “just blog it”.
4. You would buy it if they did.
5. As opposed to a normal person chagrined when caught in an expressway traffic, you get excited by the phrase “heavy traffic”.
6. You keep a blog ideas notepad with you.
7. Work is the little time you spend in between writing on your blog and AIM or YM.
8. You’ve got more “blog friends” than “real life” friends.
9. You turn down invitations to go out because you haven’t yet written your post for the day.
10. You think the 3 Rs are Reading, Writing and RSS.
11. When asked to feed a dog or a cat, you think of “RSS or Atom”.
12. Your lifetime goal is achieving a Page Rank of 10.
13. You’ve used the term “blawg” in coversation.
14. You start getting withdrawal symptoms when you go a day without posting.
15. After reading this, you make a post similar to this one with your own additions.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Had a good laugh on this one, bro! I AM GUILTY! Guilty of Entries #1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, and SOON 15! LAUGH TRIP! Galing!

Novice Blogger said...

I'm with you bro! I laughed my head off as well the first time I saw the list!

Bobby Revell said...

Hey, you're pretty funny for a novice:)

Novice Blogger said...

I take that as a compliment bob! :)

Kim said...

I really liked this post !!!!!

Bobo the Bimbo said...

OH No.................

McBIlly said...

Haha. Nice one! I got a good laugh from this one! :)

Asis said...

Nice one yar!!

this wat the problogger feels exactly

me too suffer frm the same dude