eeHo or YaBay?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Running after the trail of the Best Analogy of the Day, I find the following as the most amusing words of the day.

"eBay needs the Yahoo brand which is why I believe the combined companies should be called Yahoo, not eeHoo or YaBay or some other iteration."

Quoted from Blog Utopia in its post on why the Yahoo and eBay merger is quite reasonable.



Faye Ilogon said...

And, heck, they shouldn't call it HOOBAY. Hehehe.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

My friend, the NoviceBlogger! Received your comments at my site. Much thanks for the kind words.

"You aren't so novice anymore! I've always knew you had the talent and heart to succeed in this medium. Consider me as your biggest fan! And i kid you not!"

More power, my friend! Mabuhay!

Novice Blogger said...

faye: Unless a merger of threesome is called for, because a company called Hoobay in fact exists. ;)

AniKid: Thanks again. I appreciate the admiration. And perhaps I should start calling myself The Intermediate Blogger. Hehe.

Faye Ilogon said...

What? Hoobay? It sound obscene!!! Hehehe.

Novice Blogger said...

yeah! try hehe.