An Impromptu Road Trip

Monday, July 23, 2007

What would you do if you found out that your planned activity of shopping for a barong, several dvds, shirts and pearls, does not suffice to end your day?

The big answer of the Band of Bloggers last Saturday was to take an impromptu road trip to the not-so-distant destinations such as Cavite and Tagaytay. Whether the out-of-nowhere pitch was a good one or not, the Band of Bloggers hoped for a big sign.

A sign came when two moving violations were committed. In the span of ten minutes, two traffic enforcers approached us and asked our driver for his license. Twice we thought we were doomed with our day ending up without the road trip. However, luck must be on our side because twice, the traffic enforcers let us pass. It was quite a good sign for us to embark whole-heartedly on the journey.

However, as people say, life is never without a drama.

About fifteen kilometers away from Tagaytay, our ride overheated. Our fancy of seeing the Taal Volcano with the sunset as a backdrop was gradually ebbing. But as it turned out, it was only a short detour and we were back on the road in a few minutes.

It was then 18:30 pm and the fact that it was still bright filled us more with every excitement to see the smallest volcano. The sun was holding up for us. Eveything was flowing smoothly.

Until we stumbled upon some fog. But we were immediately relieved to find that it was the making of a trike belching a cloud of smoke. A mile further and we were able to catch a glimpse of the lake....

...And it was incredibly unbelievable!

The fog wasn't just the making of a trike. Instead of a picturesque scene, everything else was foggy! It was quite a huge disappointment to see the Taal Lake covered with clouds. We weren't lucky after all.

After unloading our misfortune over dinner at Leslie's, we headed home. At that moment, we were just exhausted and dismayed to talk about anything so we just kept silent.

But as people say, life is full surprises.

Right at the middle of the journey at the middle of the road, our van broke down. It is pretty complicated to delve into the details now but we hit the road after about two hours of getting stuck at the place. Good thing a karaoke bar was nearby we were able to sing out our miseries a bit.

So I ask you again. What would you do if you found out that your planned activity of shopping for some things, does not suffice to end your day?

Try an impromptu road trip.

Take note though that when you get passed two traffic enforcers in a matter of minutes, you better think again.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

I love the Band of Bloggers thing, bro! And I saw the link - WOW! Why don't we make it official? hi hi hi

Yeah, I remember the violations that our driver was supposed to have committed. I especially hate one of the enforcers who pitifully tried to ticket our driver for the second time around. Tsk. We should have brought them to Tagaytay and all, and leave them in the middle of the lake. And come to think of it, that aint a bad idea. Hmmmmmm.

Now, about that Leslie's food establishment - why does it sound so familiar? It rings a bell - ding dong! :)

kegler747 said...

"Getting there is half the fun of travel, be it good or bad" :)

kegler747 said...

Is there still room for 1 sa Band of Bloggers? Magaapply sana ako. Ano ba requirements :)

OFW LIFE Lestat_m said...

:) sino ba Leader of the Band of Bloggers.? Is it anitokid or novice blogger eheheh..

sali namna kami jan kahit moral support lang.. ahihi

Novice Blogger said...

Anikid: Tama ka. Swerte tayo with the traffic enforcers we should have brought them with us. And we could have all celebrated your birthday at your place, Leslie's! Hehe.

Now on the band of bloggers thing, hhmm.. we should make it official then!

Kegler: The trip was fun actually. :) And I've added you already to the temporary site of the band of bloggers.

Les: Everyone's a leader. Hehe. I'll be adding you in a while bro.

OFW LIFE Lestat_m said...

:) can't wait to see the "BADGE" of the band of bloggers.. :) good idea

simon said...

the journey is everything, sometimes when you arrive its not what you wanted

Novice Blogger said...

Les: You really are part of the band of bloggers now for mentioning the badge idea. We've been toying with the idea for a while now. Hehe.

Simon: I'm with you on that.

Ary said...

This is amazing! Josh will going to miss us guys..hehe

Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...

I could definitely use a road trip.

Sounds relaxing!

Novice Blogger said...

Ary: He'll really miss us after the memorable road trip! hihi

Bryan: Road trip is definitely relaxing and fun. Hehe.