Getting Lucky Thru Blogging

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Michael Jordan must have been overjoyed the moment he realized the fact that he could earn for doing something he loves, basketball. Comparably, the Google founders must have had similar experience of being ecstatic for getting paid doing what they love. People like them are simply lucky. And in some ways, the kind of luck they have could be a root of envy for several other people such as myself. Because it is often too rare to be in a situation like the one they have - getting paid for doing something you have passion for.

However, one thing I've discovered if you happen to be a blogger, and have a passion for blogging, you could be like the lucky people too. Because fortunately, you can get paid for blogging. And this kind of opportunity is made possible by payperpost.

Post something like the Bamboo Jeep in Boing Boing, or the Sputnik Sweetheart, or even about some chicken mami SEO project. Then draw a particular connection of whichever topic is relevant to an assigned task by PayPerPost and you could be on your way of doing something you love and get paid for it like Michael Jordan and the Google founders.

That way, you become lucky as well and all you need is blog.