On iPhones and Apple Products

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I find the following postscript of Brandon McGee's blog entry about KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) in Mobile Banking as the best analogy of owning an iPhone and other Apple products.

"The iPhone does live up to the hype....I can't tell you the number of times...I felt like Batman loading up my utility belt with a personal phone, blackberry, camera, and iPod to head out for the day."

Speaking of which, the iPhone seems to work with the SMART network in the Philippines as this post says.

Meanwhile, the fake Steve Jobs points to the cheaper version of iPhone. And Seth Godin tackles about the sloppiness of Apple in naming its products.


Ary said...

Yes! yes! Cant wait to see an iPhone here in the country before the formal launching!

Novice Blogger said...

I'm with you bro. And we should form a club that would give a reward to the first one who would let us touch an iPhone. Hehe.