Reminder of Life

Monday, July 9, 2007

[If] by evening you will die...
...Drink a glass of juice,
Bite an apple,
Contemplate at length an ant that has found its food...
...Put on the latest fashion in Italian shirts, an entourage of Spanish violins,
And walk to the grave!
- Mahmoud Darwish, Remainder of Life

I still can't get over the ability to experience the next two minutes of your life before it actually happens. What if you are able to stretch further that ability and you are able to see the next 24 hours?

I'm pretty sure you could use some help from this skill especially when you happen to be Jack Bauer.

But Jack Bauer aside, what if you see the next hours and by evening you will die?

Would you try to evade death? But what if you might have more sensible things to do than evading it? Or would you try to do every worthwhile thing you must do before your time comes? But what if you are just too young to die that evading it is the only way that you could do more worthwhile things?

So much about what if's. This must be the effect of reading Dilbert's philosophy of thinking the opposite.

Anyway it was the poem Remainder of Life that got me wondering about all these.


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Bobby Revell said...

With 2 minutes left, I'd try to tell my closest relatives and friends I loved them:) Hopefully I would finish in time!

Novice Blogger said...

I'd do the same Bob. : )