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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I previously mentioned in my posts All You Need is Blog and Getting Lucky Thru Blogging about some ways of earning income by blogging. Recently, I discovered another site that gives you that opportunity – Smorty. Through it, you get paid to blog.

Generally, the site is a bridge between advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers create campaigns that Smorty eventually distributes to bloggers for write-ups. The set-up is beneficial for both the advertisers and the bloggers. On one hand, the sites of advertisers are promoted through the backlinks coming from the bloggers who write the reviews. This is called blog advertising. On the other hand, bloggers are paid for giving their opinions. Visit the FAQ page of advertisers and the FAQ page of bloggers for more information. Perhaps you would even consider joining Smorty’s Affiliate Program for additional earnings.

And one more thing about the site is that it points to useful tools such as the Easy SEO Guide and the Blog Optimization.


Mike Rad said...

I noticed you are using social bookmarking buttons and links on your blog - are they any good as far as SEO and direct traffic is concerned?


Novice Blogger said...


The tools are great since with these tools, I'm giving convenience to my readers, not that there are a lot of them of course, to easily subscribe to or bookmark my blog. The tools don't have much impact on my blog itself though but they certainly help at least a bit.

penisa said...

Well its a nice topic and helpful in my studies. I liked the blog ... keep it up buddy.