Eight Facts

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I was tagged by OFWLayf and Tiriza to share eight facts about myself. I am sticking to eight since fifteen may be a bit overwhelming.

1. I have a weird fascination with Kiefer Sutherland's chin. His chin for me is the ideal chin.

2. This may be true for almost anyone but I am a computer-game addict. My favorites are Generals, Commandos 1-3, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed and Need for Speed: Underground 2.

3. I have a collection of movie soundtracks cassette tapes.

4. I was a pingpong player in grade school. And I usually placed fourth or fifth out of six players.

5. In high school, my best friends and I formed a music band called Sugar Day. We were big fans of the Sugar Ray and the Green Day back then.

6. I was a freshman in college when I had my very first email address. And I'm still using it until now.

7. Sophomore year was the first time I entered a cinema in my whole life. The motion picture was The Mummy Returns. The movie theater was full so my schoolmates and I were standing when we watched. But I remember I was quite amazed with the hugeness of the place.

8. The next time I watched, I made sure I had a seat and some popcorn.

Now, I am tagging the following:
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[Update: Jehzlau Concepts tagged me as well.]


Lestat said...

thanks for joining the fun Dundee..

I'm more on strategy games like Starcraft, Warcraft.. when I become addicted in LAN/online games.. til now..my game addiction is still haunting me.

Sugar Day - interesting band name huh.. :)

The Bimbo said...

WAHHHH I wanted to come and tell you that

You've been tagged!


then i realised i've been tagged by you. LOL

Novice Blogger said...

Zaldy: I'm glad to have joined the game because it's quite enjoyable to reminisce some memories.

Bobo: It is amazing how sometimes people think of the same things.

Ary said...

Thanks for tagging my blog..Cool collections by the way ;p

Novice Blogger said...

Thanks ary. Gawa ka na!

Free Self-Growth eBooks said...

I too was a ping pong player in grade school :-) An average one that is.

Novice Blogger said...

Hehe. In high school, I tried out for the school's pingpong player. But as it turned out, there were always better people than me. The good thing about it was it drove me to try out for the school's pool player. It turned out that I was the school's pool player for four years.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wahahaha ang dami palang nag tag sayo! :P

Novice Blogger said...

Hey Jehzeel, thanks for the tag. I have pending memes pa nga from Bobo and Anitokid. Yung galing sa yo, sabi ko eto na lang total pareho lang naman. Shortcut! Hehe.