Gone Running

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If you went running
when you first started thinking about it,
you'd be back by now.
- Nike

NOTCOT points us to the interactive "Gone Running" clock of Nike. It provides us with every bit of justification on why one should be running. Here are some favorites.

12:00 AM - Run like there's no tomorrow. Oh wait, it is tomorrow.
3:30 AM - Pondering your existence is best when done at a 10-minute pace.
4:30 AM - The most peaceful time to run? When the world's still asleep.
4:45 AM - Prove your busy calendar wrong. Make time for a run.
6:30 AM - March to the beat of your own drum. Run to the beat of your own heart.
8:30 AM - One hour running makes the next 8 more productive.
10:30 AM - Seeing your crush isn't the only way to make your heart beat faster.
11:00 AM - Brainstorm your plan for world domination on your next run.
11:15 AM - Keep your running friends close. Keep your running enemies at least two blocks back.
12:45 PM - Your favorite lunch spot is 3 miles away.
4:00 PM - Your best self is waiting at the finish line.
6:00 PM - You're just one mile away from a better mood.
9:15 PM - You might run into your soul mate. Or at least a squirrel.
9:45 PM - The internet will be here when you get back. Promise.


titalyn said...

hmmm....very interesting! i bet your favorite must be no.10 ( he! he!) altho' that wouldn't be a good time to run! anyway, if you can't run or don't like running, brisk walking will be just as beneficial! so, just do it!

Bill Bilig said...

The 9:15 reason, running into your soulmate, is the best. At least for those still looking :-)

Novice Blogger said...

Talyn: Nyehe. Midday won't really be a good time to run Tita. And I really like to run. The only problem is the place here. It's kind of polluted and the streets are either filled with dogs or drunks, aka "labrador or tomador". Hehe. Sometimes dog or cat poops are even everywhere.

Bill: I had a funny experience about this before. I usually jogged back then in some other nice place and there was a time when I ran into that so-called special someone. I wasn't bright enough to walk her home (or jog with her) coz I was sort of fixated to my routine and I was going the other way. I only realized my mistake when I was already some meters aways from her. What I did was to run faster even if I usually didn't do so. The jog became a sprint. And the supposedly one-lap run became a two-lap one. All because of the plan of running into her again. And I did. Except that I couldn't talk much in our second meeting since I was catching my breath.

kegler747 said...

I like 10:30 and 9:15 :)

Novice Blogger said...

Indeed Kegler. : )

Layad said...

This is a fun read. I usually brisk walk and jog at 6pm, but 9:15pm looks very promising, with that running into your soulmate bonus hehehe... I wouldn't mind a squirrel though =)

I'm not a morning person so I guess I'm missing all of those fun stuff that happens when you jog during those times. And I would definitely not run during midday or in the afternoon. The heat would really kill me! =)

Novice Blogger said...

I think evening, around 7 or 9, is the best time to run. Especially if it's the kind where you run to the nearest McDo afterwards. Kidding!

Liz Jackson said...

I thought the best ones were 12, 11:15 and 9:45! :)

Novice Blogger said...

I have to agree I guess knowing that it comes from an accomplished athlete. : )

T. O Donnell said...

I think I'll just sit down in a nice cafe, with a good view of the street, and have something nice to eat instead :)

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