On Planners And Remembering

Thursday, October 25, 2007

...To escape the certainty of oblivion,
...This is what drives our species to diaries.
- Timepiece

Recently, I have forgotten a lot of things - birthdays, appointments, tasks, etc. And it is all because of not constantly checking a planner I got from drinking a lot of coffee. It is quite interesting though that Starbucks still believes in paper planners despite the emergence of PDAs and smartphones. A stylish old-fashionedness is definitely involved there. Anyway, what I do not like is the Starbucks planner itself. The cover, ballpen and incorporated cards are pretty commendable. But unlike a slim sturdy school planner I used to have in the past years, the Starbucks planner is really bulky and it does not have the time section. Each date only has notes section.

I can't help but recall the experience that got me started on having an organizer for myself. It began back in my college days when I was in an organization that taught catechism to kids living in poverty-stricken areas. Every Friday afternoon, the org would ride a bus going to a particular place in Fairview to visit them.

I joined the organization without the intention of teaching the kids. I signed up with the org for the sake of having an extra-curricular activity. So that for the whole semester, I was on and off when it came to teaching. On top of that, I was hanging by a thread as a student so my studies took priority over teaching. By the next semester, I decided not to teach anymore.

After about seven months, I felt that I got the hang of things already at school so I became a member of the org again. When I came back to the teaching area, I observed several changes. The place was cleaner and the kids had somewhat grown that I barely recognized each of them. When we were about to start the lesson, my co-teacher asked the kids if they still knew me. A couple of seconds passed and no one answered. Of course, who would remember or even want to remember someone who taught on and off? I started to get disappointed with myself when a little girl uttered, "Kuya Dundee!" They were the sweet words I heard in that place for that particular semester. I was really moved that somebody still remembered.

From then on, I promised to remember a person at least once a year on his or her birthday. I bought myself a planner to do that. But as it turned out later on, you have to be "comfortable" with the planner as well to remember things. Perhaps this coming December, I would be switching back to the school planner I used to have.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Planning is an art, and I'm a Picasso! :) Oh boy! He's back! At long last! ANG TAGAL BRO! Miss na miss ko posts mo! And I kid you not!

I also used to dig planners, bro. However, since I came upon Yahoo's calendar feature in its email, I've never looked back again! I also keep my sched in my phone just to be sure...

My warmest regards to your Papang and mamang, my brother. Hope we could get together again - sometime....

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kat said...

my planners in grade school and high school also served as diaries. the notes at the end of each day were my thoughts on things that transpired on that day. it was pretty cool having something functional and sentimental at the same time.

kegler747 said...

It's nice to see you blogging again after a long rest :)

I must say that it ALWAYS pay to be organized in everything you do to foresee and avoid possible negative consequences.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Bro, I have a surprise for you back at my site! Hope you like it!

The link is at http://tinyurl.com/2vbcnq

Layad said...

Hmmm... Good post!

My planners r different cos I write the events after they're done ehehehe... More like an events diary. But I put birthdays on my phone so most of the time, I dont forget. Yes, it's worth remembering and greeting people on their birthdays.

Anonymous said...

i thought i already posted my comment on this one.

i just remembered, it was almost a year ago when you asked me twice to go to starbucks so that you may get the planner and now you realized that you dont want it anymore.. haha..

well, it's really a good thing if you have a planner especially for people like us who tends to forget a lot of things. :)

erp said...

i cant live without my planner/organizer. i am such a forgetful person that i can even forget my mum's birthday.