Man in the Mirror

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm starting with the man in the mirror.
I'm asking him to change his ways.
And no message could have been any clearer,
If you wanna make the world a better place.
- Michael Jackson

I made a post on narcissurfing previously.

But a friend has a smarter way of doing it. Google this: "(Your name) likes to". Include the qoutation marks.

Here are the results for mine. I kind'a like this name better than the other one.

1. Michael likes to work with people and is very good in math.
2. Michael likes to sing, play the drums, and write his own songs.
3. Michael likes to work with ideas.
4. Michael likes to be around people.
5. When meeting women, Michael likes to tell them that he's Chinese, as a sort of "intelligence test".
6. In his spare time Michael likes to spend time with girls.
7. Michael likes to take a stuffed animal dog around with him because "someone special" gave it to him.
8. Michael likes to get up in Heidi's face and touch her nose or put his palm on her head.
9. When he's not working, Michael likes to spend time with his dogs, Graycie and Clifford

And lastly,

10. In his spare time, Michael likes to nap.

Well, the list really says something about me, except the math and some others.



Anonymous said...

just to add, dundee or michael is a very weird person. haha. is very proud of his tunaghetti. not good in math (well, me too.:) ) spend time with girls? now i know why.. ;) you didn't tell me you're chinese, is it spanish you said before? sports minded, dvd series addict, bookworm, not good as a "telebabad" mate. :P but is a very caring and generous friend. that's how i see him as a whole.

Novice Blogger said...

hey! hindi ko napansin agad na galing sa yo to. speaking of dvds, ngayon ko lang napansin na parang kahawig mo si kaitlin ng the oc sa season 4. check mo yun one time. ganun pala ang asta mo pag masungit ka lang sana. hehe.

Anonymous said...

masungit naman ako ah. haha.. ok will check that out. pag pangit yun lagot ka sa akin. hehe

Novice Blogger said...

di pala masungit yun, mas accurate siguro yung astang maldita pero may something sweet din talaga sa kanya. hehe oo nman di nman masyadong pangit yun. : )