Some Valid Issues

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A friend is an admirable augur for anticipating a valid issue.

Recently, two of her guy New Yorker friends walked her home past midnight to her place at Makati Avenue. As she watched them leave, one of them hailed goodbye from the cab shouting, "Thanks for the great night!"

Just imagine how that would look like to local and foreigner bystanders. It is almost such a big bowl of wrong when two white gentlemen walk home a friend who is "tan and almost gusgusin girl" and is living at a red light district.

Of course, it is quite unfair as well or even discriminating for those guys if they are not able to exercise their gentlemanly behavior of seeing a friend safe for the night just because of some misperceptions.

What can I say? Il est difficile mais c'est la vie!