Salt Shakers

Monday, May 14, 2007

I previously posted about Seth Godin's terrific nose. As with his post on stinkless durian, I don't quite agree with what he thinks. This is because I still have a durian problem much as I am not a durian eater. Some members of my family though are durian eaters that is why I know the stench of a durian. Perhaps those whom Seth Godin regards as non-consumers must be those who have not heard or seen the durian at all.

Anyway, my tita is very imaginative for tackling the issue on why people only have two nose holes. Nel of Pinoy Big Brother believes that if ever one hole gets clogged, people will still have a spare hole. My tita on the other hand believes that having more than two nose holes would be a disaster because our noses would then look like salt shakers.


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